Dental Nurse Qualification Program!

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We are proud to offer a comprehensive dental nurse training program for aspiring dental nurses. Our qualification is recognized and awarded by the Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA). By completing both the SVQ (Scottish Vocational Qualification) and PDA (Professional Development Award) components, you will be eligible for registration with the General Dental Council (GDC).

SVQ Component Delivery:

Our SVQ component consists of 11 mandatory work-based units designed to provide you with practical knowledge, experience, and personal skills necessary to excel in your role. You will undergo training within a dental practice, where you will be supported by your employer, an allocated assessor, and the practice manager or workplace mentor.

Assessment for each SVQ unit includes completion of a question workbook, open book online questions, and a series of professional discussions conducted via live video calls. Units HSS1 and OH1 require a ‘live stream observation’ in the LDU (Local Dental Unit) through a video call, while Unit OH3, OH4, OH5, OH6, OH7, OH8, and ADD10 involve professional discussions via live video calls. Units OH2 and CHS36 require simulation on the day of the PDA exam at our center. Additionally, a GDC registrant will sign an ‘Expert Witness Testimony’ to confirm your competence for all units.

PDA Component Delivery:

The PDA component comprises four mandatory HN PDA units, covering essential topics such as infection prevention and control, management of plaque-related diseases, dental radiography, and oral health assessment and treatment planning. PDA classes are conducted online via Zoom, with two opportunities per year to attend classes and sit for the ‘PDA in Dental Nursing’ assessment. Weekly classes are held on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings (7:00 PM – 9:00 PM), and attendance is mandatory to fulfill the knowledge requirements. The final formal assessments for the PDA will take place at our center on a pre-arranged date under invigilated conditions.

We are excited to guide you through this comprehensive Dental Nurse Qualification Program and support your journey towards becoming a skilled and competent dental nurse. To enroll in the programme.

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