Facial Aesthetics Training Courses

Welcome to the Visage Dental Academy’s Facial Aesthetics Courses in United Kingdom! As a dental professional, you know that the face and smile are closely connected. That’s why we believe that facial aesthetics courses are an important part of a dental professional’s training.

As the field of dentistry progresses, the focus on facial aesthetics has become increasingly important for dental professionals. Our facial aesthetics courses will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to enhance their patients’ facial appearances through non-surgical procedures, such as Botox and dermal filler treatments. Our courses are designed to educate you on how to improve your patients’ overall facial aesthetics while maintaining the functional and physiological balance of the oral cavity.


Our two-day course provides comprehensive dentist training, allowing you to confidently and safely administer treatments upon completion and master your patient consultation skills. We cover the fundamentals of facial anatomy and patient assessment, ensuring you have the necessary knowledge to assess and treat your clients. We provide detailed instruction on the contradictions and product options, so you can make informed decisions. You’ll gain hands-on experience and learn injection techniques for specific areas such as Crow’s Feet, Forehead Lines, Glabella Lines, Lip Fillers, Nasolabial Lines and Marionette Lines.

Our experienced practitioners provide personalized guidance, helping you develop your own techniques and master your craft. Our Botox and Dermal Fillers course also introduces you to aftercare, essential to ensuring your clients’ safety and satisfaction. You’ll learn how to identify and deal with potential complications, managing their expectations and preparing them for their follow-up appointment. At the end of the two-day course, you’ll be fully equipped with the knowledge and confidence to perform Botox and Dermal Filler treatments safely and effectively.


Basic Facial Aesthetics Course:

Upper face Botox and derma fillers:

The duration of this course is 3 days.

At Visage Aesthetics, we aim to equip every delegate with a thorough understanding of the cosmetic industry, facial anatomy, and the pharmacology of Botox and dermal fillers. Through our course, you will learn a range of Foundation Botulinum Toxin techniques, including Upper face Botulinum Toxin (targeting forehead, glabella, and crows’ feet and bunny lines). They will also be trained in Foundation Dermal Filler techniques such as lip enhancement, correction of nasolabial folds, correction of marionette lines, and cheek augmentation.

Our team of experienced surgeons will deliver the course materials through a combination of lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on practice sessions. With a focus on maximizing learning outcomes, we aim to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to deliver high-quality aesthetic consultations with confidence. Join us today and start your journey towards mastering the art of aesthetic medicine.

Advanced Facial Aesthetics Course:

Advanced Botox and Derma fillers:

The duration of this course is 1 day.

Botulinum Toxin:

Our course covers a range of Botulinum Toxin techniques, such as brow lift, correction of bunny lines, smokers’ lines, and treatment of bruxism/TMJD. Our delegates are also given instruction on how to perform mentalis treatment for chin dimpling correction and non-surgical facelift using the ‘Nefertiti’ neck lift technique. Treatment of axillary and palmar hyperhidrosis for excessive sweating is also covered.

Dermal Filler:

In addition, our course covers Dermal Filler techniques such as mastering different injection techniques (including linear threading, cross-hatching, fanning, feathering and combination use), the use of microcannula, treatment of temple hollowing, cheek augmentation, and lip enhancement using advanced techniques. We also offer instruction on how to perform jawline contouring, chin augmentation, reduction of deeper wrinkles, and hand filler rejuvenation.

Our course is designed to be comprehensive and informative, with a strong emphasis on hands-on learning to ensure our delegates are given the best possible training in Advanced Botox and Dermal Fillers.

Specialized courses:

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty Courses:

The duration of these courses is 1 day.

Our course on rhinoplasty training encompasses a range of objectives that are aimed at enhancing the skills of our participants in performing non-surgical rhinoplasty techniques. We cover the anatomy of the nose, including the soft tissue and bony considerations that are essential for understanding nasal deformities and deviations.  Our course focuses on teaching how to conduct consultations and examinations, including measuring angles of the face and facial proportions.  Our expert trainers offer practical training to help you acquire hands-on experience and foster your confidence in performing rhinoplasty.


Tear Trough courses:

The duration of these courses is 1 day.

Saint Visage’s Signature Tear Trough Correction Technique is a step-by-step approach that we teach in our courses. This technique is a unique approach that allows practitioners to achieve stunning results while minimizing any potential risks or complications associated with the treatment. In our courses, we provide a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the detailed anatomy of the peri-orbital region, which includes the various fat pads, ligaments, nerves, and vasculature that exist in this area. Understanding this anatomy is crucial when it comes to performing tear trough corrections, as it allows practitioners to assess the area effectively and select the most appropriate treatment options for their clients. In addition to theoretical knowledge, we also focus on practical applications and techniques, including the use of needles and microcannula. By making sure that our practitioners are well equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to manage complications, we not only ensure the safety of the clients but also enable the practitioners to handle any adverse situations that may arise with confidence.


Our instructors are experts in the field of facial aesthetics. Meet our instructors:

Dr Daniya:

Dr Daniya graduated from the University of Aberdeen with Distinction and works as a medical doctor in the NHS. With a passion for skin and aesthetics, entering Aesthetic Medicine was the natural next step. She has extensive Aesthetic Medicine training and is pursuing training as a GP with a specialist interest in Dermatology.

At Visage Dental Aesthetics Academy, Dr Daniya provides a range of courses to help participants gain the skills and knowledge to practice Aesthetic Medicine. Her teachings cover a wide range of topics, including skincare, injectables, dermal fillers, and more. Her methods are tailored to the individual, whether they are a beginner or more experienced practitioner, and are designed to ensure that the candidates gain the most up-to-date information and techniques. Our courses are interactive, engaging, and provide one-to-one mentoring and support from Dr Daniya and our team of experienced practitioners. We also provide ongoing support and resources for our graduates, to help them make the most of their new skillset.

Dr Amaara:

Dr Amaara is an experienced dentist, who qualified in Madrid with a BDS in Dentistry. She developed a deep interest in facial aesthetic treatments and facial contouring with dermal fillers, and with safety in mind, delivers effective facial aesthetic treatments to her patients. Dr Amaara has a passion for teaching and has taught medical aesthetics courses throughout the UK and internationally as well.

At Visage Dental Aesthetic Academy, she provides comprehensive courses to healthcare professionals and students alike, covering a range of treatments such as Botox, dermal fillers, PRP, chemical peels, skin needling, sclerotherapy and more. Furthermore, students can take advantage of our enthusiastic experts to learn the finer details of medical aesthetics, enabling them to become more confident and successful in their treatments.


We use models:

By using a model, we demonstrate the correct techniques and provide hands-on training to students. This allows students to practice and perfect their skills before working on real clients. It not only helps students learn the correct techniques, but it also allows them to gain confidence and experience before working on actual clients. Additionally, models can provide a consistent and controlled learning environment, which can be helpful for beginners.

Increased Patient Satisfaction:

By taking our facial aesthetics courses, you’ll learn about the latest techniques and treatments for facial aesthetics. You’ll be able to provide your patients with a more comprehensive range of services, such as Botox injections, dermal fillers, laser treatments, and chemical peels. This will enable you to better meet the individual needs of your patients, resulting in improved patient satisfaction.

Expanded Service Offerings:

Adding facial aesthetics treatments to your practice can help you to expand your service offerings, allowing you to offer a broader range of treatments to your patients. This can help you to increase your income potential and help you to grow your practice.

Professional Development:

We will provide you with the skills needed to establish and grow a successful facial aesthetics practice. You’ll gain an understanding of how to market and promote your services, how to manage patient records, and more. You’ll learn how to build relationships with your patients and create a positive experience for them.

Patient Consultation Skills:

Learn how to create a patient-centered approach to treatment planning that takes into account the patient’s goals, expectations, and lifestyle. Discover how to manage patient expectations and provide clear post-treatment instructions.

Improved Patient Outcomes:

Our courses will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to provide your patients with safe and effective facial aesthetic treatments. You’ll learn about the anatomy and physiology of the face, as well as how to properly diagnose and treat common facial aesthetic concerns. This will enable you to provide your patients with the best possible outcomes.

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Are you a healthcare professional such as a Nurse, Doctor, Dentist, pharmacists wanting to learn more about facial aesthetic treatments such as Botulinum Toxin, dermal fillers and other aesthetic treatments?

At Visage Dental Aesthetic Academy, we provide courses that will equip you with the theoretical knowledge as well as the practical skills necessary to deliver these treatments competently and confidently. Our courses are designed to ensure that you can deliver treatments safely, effectively and to the highest standards.



Here are some common questions we receive about our facial aesthetics courses

Our courses are exclusively available to medical professionals such as doctors, dentists and nurses.

Before attending the training course, we’ll need to verify your qualifications by asking you to provide a copy of your registration details with the relevant professional body (GMC, GDC, NMC registration form).

You’ll receive a certificate of completion from Visage Dental Academy.

Our basic course is 2 days long, our advanced course is 3 days long, and our specialized courses are 1-2 days long.

This course will provide delegates with both theoretical and practical instruction, allowing them to gain hands-on experience of the procedure. Each delegate will be given the opportunity to practice the procedure on a model, with adequate time provided for this.